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Remembering Ricky Lawson

Rickey Lawson was a great, from the time he began his career with Roy Ayers until his unfortunate passing.

The "Other" Pretty Young Thing: Thriller, 30 Years Later

30 years after the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, we take a look back at a recording lost in the shuffle.

Michael Jackson’s Bad: Twenty-Five Years Later

Every family has those stories. You know the ones. They’re recanted over holiday meals and backyard barbeques. With each telling the tale grows slightly more outlandish than the…

Michael Jackson – Stranger in Moscow (dir. Nick Brandt) (1996)

In the legendary career of Michael Jackson, one work stands out amongst the rest, finding an artist who manages to capture our emotions and demand our attention.

Donald Byrd – Black Byrd (1972)

Recorded in 1972, Donald Byrd’s “Black Byrd” album was ahead of its time in a variety of ways.

Jackson 5 / J Dilla / The Roots – All I Do Is Think of You (1975/2006)

The Jackson’s “All I Do is Think of You” is immortalized as an iconic Hip Hop classic.

Michael Jackson – King of Jazz

There is an alternate universe in which Michael Jackson is the King of Jazz. This is something of which I am quite sure.