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Joe Henderson Quartets – Tetragon (1967)

Joe Henderson is featured as a standout on this album, and he does not disappoint.

The Photography of Francis Wolff (Blue Note Records)

We have definitely seen his work, but we may not know his name. If you like jazz, this is a name that you must know because his contributions to the genre are immeasurable.

Joe Henderson – Page One (1963)

Joe Henderson’s debut album “Page One” exemplifies the sound of Blue Note jazz in the 1960’s.

Roy Ayers – Daddy Bug & Friends (1976) (Audio)

Not everything released by Roy Ayers in the 70s was fusion. Daddy Bug & Friends is a classic Roy Ayers album that commonly goes overlooked

Horace Silver – Song for My Father (1965)

Song for My Father is Blue Note Jazz at its best.