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Eddie Russ – See The Light (1976) (Audio)

Eddie Russ is an unfamiliar name in many jazz circles, but his sound is definitely one that you should know.

Roy Ayers – Stoned Soul Picnic (1968)

One of Roy Ayers earliest, and best recordings, “Stoned Cold Picnic” is a symbolic album with a legendary cast.

Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You (Video) (Circa 1980)

Herbie Hancock’s early adaptation of the vocoder was masterful in this late 70s classic song.

Bobby Hutcherson – Montara (1975)

Bobby Hutcherson’s most unconventional work proves to be his best. “Montara” is not only Hutcherson’s best work, but it could be one of Blue Note’s best releases.

The Robert Glasper Experience on David Letterman – Always Shine (Feat. Lupe Fiasco And Bilal)

The Robert Glasper experience graces the stage on the Tonight Show with David Letterman.

Robert Glasper – Black Radio (Album) (2012)

Robert Glasper etches the future of music through a multitude of classic and contemporary sounds on his newest release, Black Radio.

Beyoncé – Ornithology/Déjà Vu (Live) (2009)

Beyoncé brings the Bebop aesthetic to the present as she retraces the roots of jazz in this live performance.

Lupe Fiasco – Life, Death & Love From San Francisco (Audio) (2011)

We have many things for which to be thankful this holiday season. In 1957, audiences were at their most adulatory, worshipping the sounds of Billie Holiday, Dizzie Gillespie,…

Homage: Roy Ayers Tribute Mix by Anthony Valadez

In promotion for Roy Ayers’ upcoming Los Angeles show, KCRW’s Anthony Valadez records an excellent mix paying Homage to the King of the Vibes.

The Robert Glasper Trio – Think of One (Audio) (2009)

In a single moment, Robert Glasper explores Thelonious Monk, Ahmad Jamal, and De La Soul. That moment is called “Think of One.”

The John Coltrane Quartet – Ballads (1963)

On a day in which we formally welcome autumn, we too celebrate the birth of John Coltrane. The symbolism of it all can be heard rather than seen. That is why, today, I listen to Ballads.

Applejac-Playin’ Favorites EP (Audio) (2011)

federal resume writing services   If you are not familiar with AppleJac then here is your chance to get acquainted. AppleJac is known in the underground soul world and…

Nesby Phips & Ski Beatz – Blue in Green (Video) (2010)

If you don’t understand the relevancy of Kind of Blue today, allow me to introduce you to the sounds of Nesby Phips and Ski Beatz.

Ahmed Sirour – Nature Boy (feat. Cleveland Jones) (Audio) (2011)

A brief look at musician/composer Ahmed Sirour, whose modern take on Nat King Cole’s jazz standard “Nature Boy” breathes new life into jazz.

George Benson – Bad Benson (1974)

Bad Benson is George Benson at his best. Pure guitar smoothness, mixed with an accompaniment of electronic and traditional instrumentation, this album has been revered by Hip Hop…

Digable Planets – Dedicated (Audio) (1995)

One of the best songs that Digable Planets produced that failed to make an album.

Roy Ayers – Vibrations (Live) (1976)

Check out this rare footage of Roy Ayers from 1976, performing one of his many classics.

Grant Green – Street of Dreams (1964)

Grant Green’s guitar can only be described as perfect on the album “Street of Dreams”, and the album cover contains a small piece of San Francisco.

Bobby Hutcherson – Components (1965) (Audio)

Bobby Hutcherson shows why he’s one of the greatest vibraphone players ever in his Blue Note release, Components.

Alice Coltrane – Universal Consciousness (1971)

Alice Coltrane goes above and beyond the realm of Jazz in ‘Universal Consciousness’.