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Joe Henderson Quartets – Tetragon (1967)

Joe Henderson is featured as a standout on this album, and he does not disappoint.

The Photography of Francis Wolff (Blue Note Records)

We have definitely seen his work, but we may not know his name. If you like jazz, this is a name that you must know because his contributions to the genre are immeasurable.

Joe Henderson – Page One (1963)

Joe Henderson’s debut album “Page One” exemplifies the sound of Blue Note jazz in the 1960’s.

Weldon Irvine / Horace Silver – Liberated Brother (Multiple Versions)

A brilliant song by Weldon Irvine only becomes more refined as Horace Silver plays his version of the same song.

Horace Silver

by Robert Polillo

Horace Silver – Song for My Father (1965)

Song for My Father is Blue Note Jazz at its best.

48 of the Best Jazz Photographs You’ll Ever See

Fred Seibert documented history with these brilliant photos of legendary Jazz artists.

John B. Williams speaks on Horace Silver

The great Bassist John B. Williams speaks on how playing with Horace Silver changed his life.

Horace Silver – In Pursuit of the 27th Man (1972)

One of the many great albums by Mr. Horace Silver

Ron Carter – Spanish Blue (1975)

Ron Carter pays us a visit and displays his 70’s fusion sound.

Horace Silver Album Covers (Blue Note)

Horace Silver was one of Blue Note’s most esteemed musicians.