Why Roy Ayers?

Roy Ayers is a living legend, and his body of work speaks for itself. His contributions to the vast genre of jazz, as well as his tremendous impact on hip hop, neo-soul, house, and many other contemporary music genres and sub cultures are immeasurable and endless. Countless talented musicians credit him for creating the genre that is now called neo-soul. Roy Ayers claims to have “more sampled hits” than any other artists, as his music has been remade, covered, sampled, and remixed since the earliest years of hip hop and house. Roy Ayers continues to tour continuously throughout the globe, and his music has been adored and revered by people all over the world.

Most people have heard Roy Ayers, but not too many people know Roy Ayers. Many people who know Roy Ayers know him for “My life, my life, my life, my life… in the sunshine”, but how many people know him as a pioneer in the jazz-fusion movement? How many people know him as one of the premier jazz musicians to experiment with disco, house, and hip hop? How many people know him as a producer and composer, producing multiple groups and artists that are also heavily sampled? How many people know him to have played a straight-ahead jazz style alongside heavyweights like Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Herbie Mann, and many more. How many people Roy Ayers as a vocalist? How many know that Roy Ayers continues to perform around the world, as well as recording in the studio, a career that has spanned over 6 decades? Although there are many marquee names in jazz, there are few names in the genre who have had the longevity and life span, the popularity and album sales, the influence, the albums, the credits, the philosophy, and the legacy that Roy Ayers has.

It is time that we pay homage to this living legend while he still blesses this earth by letting him know that he is appreciated for his contributions. He should be a household name amongst music fans far and wide, and should truly be recognized as the King of the Vibes. His entire catalog should be discovered and rediscovered by present and future generations, so others can see, hear, and feel the greatness that Roy Ayers and his music offers.

The Roy Ayers Project is here to make sure that it happens.