What is the Roy Ayers Project?

The Roy Ayers Project is a multitude of things, all which directly and indirectly tribute Roy Ayers and his contributions to music and incredible career which has spanned over fifty years. The Roy Ayers Project is first and foremost a documentary film, paying tribute to the legend by showing exclusive interviews with Roy Ayers’ contemporaries as well as artists and personalities who are influenced by the music, philosophy, and personality of Roy. Along with the projected film, we have a site component which explores the “6 degrees of separation of Roy Ayers”, displaying music and insight about people who have played with and have been influenced by Roy Ayers, and of course, we feature an in depth look at some of Roy Ayers’ most classic and obscure recordings, live performances, Roy Ayers’ productions, factoids, and much more (www.royayersproject.com). Along with the film and website, we hope to have a tour series featuring Roy Ayers himself performing in multiple U.S. cities alongside some of today’s most popular artists.

Simply put, Roy Ayers is one of the most important musicians of the modern era, and this project is recognizing him as that. Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers. He is that influential, and if there is any doubt, the Roy Ayers Project will adjust your perception.