The Team

Halline “Haylow” Overby
Director, Creator | Roy Ayers Project

Haylow was introduced to the realm of jazz, funk, and soul through the origins of hip hop, and has always been a student of music. Earning a degree in video production through San Francisco State University, his mission is to use his knowledge and interests to create wonderful and insightful projects in an attempt to preserve art and music.


Ariel (REL) Nuñez
Director, Camera, Editor | Roy Ayers Project

Ariel is an expert in cinematography in a career that spans well over a decade. As his resume continues to grow on a weekly basis, he is adamant in creating creative and groundbreaking productions of the utmost quality, and the Roy Ayers Project is a prime example of his work.


Tony Ng
Camera, Photographer | Roy Ayers Project

Tony Ng is a master of many trades, and his lens has captured everything from pop icons and performers to thought provoking photojournalism projects and gallery exhibitions. Tony takes a tremendous amount of pride in the Roy Ayers Project, and his mission and purpose is in perfect alignment with the crew.


Lalo Guzmán
A2, Sound Mixer | Roy Ayers Project

Lalo’s extremely hard work ethic and determination has helped him become one of the most coveted sound mixers in Los Angeles. He is currently working on some of Hollywood’s most popular and influential shows, including award shows and personal projects.


Charles Brack
Advisor | Roy Ayers Project

Charles’ well-roundedness, knowledge, and experience has steered the Roy Ayers Project in the right direction, while helping the project reach new heights. Charles has nearly a decade of experience working with SFJAZZ. He currently specializes in interactive media, Strategic Planning, and Business Development, and works with some of the worlds most powerful websites.


Michael Austin
Field Production Assistant | Roy Ayers Project

Michael is a valuable asset to the Roy Ayers Project, and his film experience grows with every shoot. When he is not working in the realm of video production, he is thrives in project management and organization.