Roy Ayers Project Teaser: Who is Roy Ayers?

Featuring (In Order of Appearance):

Rich Medina (DJ/Producer)
LA Jay (Producer)
John B. Williams (Bassist for Roy Ayers in Early 70’s) (Overlay)
Questlove (Percussionist/DJ/Producer) (Overlaid)
DJ Premier (Producer/DJ)
Stalley & Curren$y (Right to Left) (Emcees) (Overlaid)
Ski Beatz (Producer)
DJ Center (DJ/Producer) (Overlaid)
Andre Torres (Founder of WaxPoetics)
Houseshoes (DJ/Producer)
John B. Williams
Ndugu Chancler (Percussionist/Professor)

Production Credits:
Producer: Haylow Overby

Director: Haylow Overby, Ariel Nuñez

Camera: Ariel Nuñez, Tony Ng

Editor: Ariel Nunez
Sound Mixer: Lalo Guzmán

, Ariel Nunez
PA: Michael Austin, Juan Amador

Motion Graphics: Aries Nuñez

Music: Tall Black Guy 

Special thanks to Derreck Johnson and Ndugu Chancler

© Roy Ayers Project, 2011