Beat Submissions

It is undeniable that Roy Ayers’ influence is ubiquitous, and his fan base stretches far and wide. Many of our followers are obviously fans of Roy Ayers, but the younger generations of Roy Ayers fans are musicians themselves who pay homage to the vibe master by making beats and mixes sampling Roy Ayers, or rapping and singing over a beat which uses elements of Roy’s music. In April 2011, we gave our online community an assignment, and since then, the Roy Ayers Beat Submissions have been a staple of

Although there are many types of musicians who are inspired by Roy Ayers, this particular aspect of the project speaks to the beat making community of the world. The assignment is simple. Submit a beat that samples Roy Ayers. Since we began the call for entries in April 2011, we have received hundreds of instrumentals, ranging from uptempo house, to smooth hip hop, to uptempo break beats, to dub step, and everything else in between. Not only have these submissions ranged in genres, the entries have come from dozens of cities and countries. Almost every major US city has been covered (including some small suburbs), and representatives from countries such as Japan, France, The Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Denark, Germany, Norway, and many others have come forward with their beat submissions.

The Roy Ayers Project Beat Submissions have brought the world closer. The assignment has demonstrated that music is the common language, and has also revealed a common bond of the greatness that is Roy Ayers.

If you would like to view the Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission guidelines, or if you’re interested sending a submission, please click here.


Download Beat Submission Compilation Vol. 1 here.
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