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The Crusaders – Stomp and Buck Dance (1974) (Live) (Video)

This live performance of The Crusaders is a great example of the funk that they provided for music.

Michael Jackson’s Bad: Twenty-Five Years Later

Every family has those stories. You know the ones. They’re recanted over holiday meals and backyard barbeques. With each telling the tale grows slightly more outlandish than the…

Thundercat – Walkin’ (Video) (2011)

Reliving the enigmatic debut of Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner, one frame at a time.

Grover Washington, Jr. – Winelight (1981) (Live) (Video)

Check out the late great Grover Washington Jr. in this 1981 performance in Philadelphia.

Om’Mas Keith – Mistérios (Video) (2011)

In the spirit of everything Brasil, here is a reintroduction to the brief, but timeless era of Tropicália, courtesy of Sa-Ra’s Om’Mas Keith.

Digable Planets – 9th Wonder (Video & Remixes) (1994)

Overlooked by mainstream media, this profound single is one that incorporated art, music, and message.

70|30 Presents: Brasiliana – Mixed by DJ Haylow (Promotional Video)

DJ Haylow is releasing his first mix in two years, and this one comes equipped with a promotional video to help you understand where his new project is coming from.

Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler) (Video)

Here is a video of a classic tune sang by the great Marvin Gaye,

Abdullah Ibrahim – For John Coltrane (Live) | A Midsummer Night’s Eulogy

Taking a moment out to eulogize one of our most important figures, forty-five years later.

“Songs for Women” and Other Interesting Stories

Of all the conversation surrounding artist Frank Ocean, it always goes back to the music.

Sam Cooke / Aretha Franklyn / Roy Ayers – You Send Me (Video)

Roy Ayers has been known for doing covers for his entire career, and this may be one of his best. Watch him, along with Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin perform “You Send Me” live.

Michael Jackson – Stranger in Moscow (dir. Nick Brandt) (1996)

In the legendary career of Michael Jackson, one work stands out amongst the rest, finding an artist who manages to capture our emotions and demand our attention.

Stanley Turrentine – Sugar (Live) (1989) (Video)

Here is a great video of Stanley Turrentine that bridges a musical gap of over 40 years.

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – Be A Father To Your Child (1991) (Video)

Ed O.G. and Da Bulldogs give a thoughtful message over a classic Roy Ayers sample.

Tupac Shakur – Lost Souls (Audio) (1997)

Today is Tupac’s birthday, and we acknowledge the connection of Pac and Roy Ayers.

John Coltrane – On Green Dolphin Street (Live) (1960) (Video)

This rare footage shows some of the greatest names in jazz performing one of the most greatest jazz tunes.

Lessons Learned: The Roots Picnic 2012

The Roots Picnic is a staple of the Summer concert circuit. Beyond the live performances, this years event served as an anthropological trip through Hip-Hop’s growing generational gap.

Isaac Hayes – Tough Guys (Soundtrack) (Video) (1974)

We all know about Shaft, but here is another soundtrack by Isaac Hayes that be even better.

Erule – Listen Up (1994) (Video)

Erule is not a household name in hip hop, but this could be the best Hip Hop song that has ever been produced using a Roy Ayers sample.

Mary J Blige – My Life (Live) (Circa 2005)

What is known as the anthem amongst struggle and hardship, and also the most well known Roy Ayers sample, Mary J. Blige’s “My Life” is a legendary recording.