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Sam Cooke / Aretha Franklyn / Roy Ayers – You Send Me (Video)

Roy Ayers has been known for doing covers for his entire career, and this may be one of his best. Watch him, along with Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin perform “You Send Me” live.

Herbie Mann – Impressions Of The Middle East (1967) (Audio)

This 1967 album by Herbie Mann features a young Roy Ayers as one of his sidemen.

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs – Be A Father To Your Child (1991) (Video)

Ed O.G. and Da Bulldogs give a thoughtful message over a classic Roy Ayers sample.

Funk Revival Orchestra presents: A Tribute to Roy Ayers (San Francisco)

This Saturday in San Francisco, the Funk Revival Orchestra pays tribute to the great Roy Ayers.

Erule – Listen Up (1994) (Video)

Erule is not a household name in hip hop, but this could be the best Hip Hop song that has ever been produced using a Roy Ayers sample.

Fela Kuti & Roy Ayers – Music of Many Colors (Audio) (1980)

There are only a select few that have had a career that can parallel Roy Ayers, but this is one thing that sets him apart from all the rest.

Roy Ayers – He's Coming / Smif n Wesson – Dah Shinin'

While Roy Ayers was a heavy influence for many Hip Hop artists in the 90’s, Smif n Wesson sampled more than just Roy Ayers’ music.

The 5th Dimension – Stoned Soul Picnic (1968) (Video)

Before Roy Ayers gave us his version of Stoned Soul Picnic, there was The 5th Dimension, who gave us a great hit song, and the Soul Train dancers to go with it.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submissions: Vol. 3 Extras

Thanks to these producers, for the Beat Submission Compilation wouldn’t have been the same without them.

Roy Ayers – Stoned Soul Picnic (1968)

One of Roy Ayers earliest, and best recordings, “Stoned Cold Picnic” is a symbolic album with a legendary cast.

Top 10 Roy Ayers Loops

Loops, samples, breaks, rare grooves. Whatever you want to call em, Roy Ayers has got em. There are way too many to name, so here is a narrow list of the 10 best Roy Ayers loops.

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Vibrations (1976)

“Vibratiions” was produced during the heart of Roy Ayers’ Ubiquity years, and this particular album is monumental for more reasons than one.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: Gadget

Roy Ayers proves once again his worldwide appeal as producer Gadget from London samples one of Roy’s most popular songs.

Proof – Searchin' (Produced by Jay Dee) (Circa 1996)

If we had to pick one Dilla track to post on, this would be the one, for obvious reasons. Vintage Jay Dee while using Roy Ayers as his muse.

Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t You Know (Produced by Roy Ayers) (1982)

Bobbi Humphrey’s one and only song released on Roy Ayers’ Uno Melodic record label is a great example of what a Roy Ayers production sounds like.

Black Star – Little Brother (Live on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon) (2012)

Black Star is in rare form as The Legendary Roots plays their back up on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Common / Mos Def / Black Thought – Hurricane (Ayentee Remix) (Download)

This is a Roy Ayers Project exclusive provided by Ayentee, as he combines some of the best emcees with an excellent Roy Ayers sample.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission – Jazzy Gentle

Jazzy Gentle is our first submission from Italy, and you will love how he re-edits this Roy Ayers gem.

Roy Ayers Does NOT Play The Xylophone

Vibraphone / Xylophone… what’s the difference? Read as we explain, as we clear up this common misconception once and for all.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: Prone

Straight from London, England, Musician/DJ/Producer Prone gives us his instrumental interpretation on his sample of Roy Ayers.