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Alexis Davis – Closer to Ubiquity (2013) (Download)

In a Roy Ayers Project exclusive, the collective of Alexis Davis gives us a free download of their latest tribute to Roy Ayers.

Roy Ayers – Stranger To Love / Jill Scott – Watching Me (1979/2000)

Songstress Jill Scott's excellent career has spanned over a decade, and along the way she has proven herself as one of the great singers of this generation. Fortunately…

The "Other" Pretty Young Thing: Thriller, 30 Years Later

30 years after the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, we take a look back at a recording lost in the shuffle.

WildFlower: From Skylark, to Creative Source, to Estelle

There are few songs that have impacted many different eras and genres like “Wild Flower”. Read to find out what makes this particular version special.

Michael Jackson’s Bad: Twenty-Five Years Later

Every family has those stories. You know the ones. They’re recanted over holiday meals and backyard barbeques. With each telling the tale grows slightly more outlandish than the…

Marvin Gaye – Here, My Dear (1978)

With the recent release of Nasir’s open letter to Kelis, let’s take a look back at the original black king scorned.

“Songs for Women” and Other Interesting Stories

Of all the conversation surrounding artist Frank Ocean, it always goes back to the music.

Sam Cooke / Aretha Franklyn / Roy Ayers – You Send Me (Video)

Roy Ayers has been known for doing covers for his entire career, and this may be one of his best. Watch him, along with Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin perform “You Send Me” live.

Johnny Hammond – Gears (1975) (Audio)

Although the record cover doesn’t look the part, this album is filled with samples by contemporary artists, and it is brought to you by the great organists Johnny Hammond.

Tupac Shakur – Lost Souls (Audio) (1997)

Today is Tupac’s birthday, and we acknowledge the connection of Pac and Roy Ayers.

Mary J Blige – My Life (Live) (Circa 2005)

What is known as the anthem amongst struggle and hardship, and also the most well known Roy Ayers sample, Mary J. Blige’s “My Life” is a legendary recording.

The Blackbyrds / Wiz Khalifa – Mysterious Vibes / Ink My Whole Body (1977/2008)

Wiz Khalifa’s tattoo anthem may sound arrogant to some, but one thing is for sure is that this song couldn’t have been made without this 1970’s classic song by The Blackbyrds.

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Vibrations (1976)

“Vibratiions” was produced during the heart of Roy Ayers’ Ubiquity years, and this particular album is monumental for more reasons than one.

Big Jacks – Daylight (Mixtape) (Download) (2012)

As one of Toronto’s most established Hip Hop personalities, Big Jacks presents his latest mix tape “Daylight”, which is a different vibe than you are used to.

Robert Glasper – Black Radio (Album) (2012)

Robert Glasper etches the future of music through a multitude of classic and contemporary sounds on his newest release, Black Radio.

Yuna – Live Your Life (Prod. by Pharrell) (Video) (2012)

Enjoy the visuals to Yuna’s beautiful song, “Live Your Life”.

Beyoncé – Ornithology/Déjà Vu (Live) (2009)

Beyoncé brings the Bebop aesthetic to the present as she retraces the roots of jazz in this live performance.

Robert Glasper Experiement feat. Erykah Badu – Afro Blue (Audio) (2012)

Take a listen to this introductory single from the highly anticipated album from Robert Glasper, featuring the lovely Ms. Erykah Badu.

Mara Hruby – From Her Eyes EP (2010)

Even when covering the material of others, Mara Hruby has crafted an unique space on the music scene.

Erykah Badu’s Most Profound Song

Over 10 years later, Bag Lady is still a recording like no other, and here are a few reasons why.