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Alexis Davis – Closer to Ubiquity (2013) (Download)

In a Roy Ayers Project exclusive, the collective of Alexis Davis gives us a free download of their latest tribute to Roy Ayers.

The "Other" Pretty Young Thing: Thriller, 30 Years Later

30 years after the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, we take a look back at a recording lost in the shuffle.

Amerigo Gazaway – Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to the Pharcyde (2012)

Amerigo Gazaway explores the hypothetical collaboration of A Tribe Called Quest and the Pharcyde to an effective end. This is a Quest to the Pharcyde.

Michael Jackson’s Bad: Twenty-Five Years Later

Every family has those stories. You know the ones. They’re recanted over holiday meals and backyard barbeques. With each telling the tale grows slightly more outlandish than the…

Thundercat – Walkin’ (Video) (2011)

Reliving the enigmatic debut of Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner, one frame at a time.

REL – Out Of View (Instrumental) (Download) (2012)

The crew of the Roy Ayers Project are respectively involved in other ventures, and camera man / editor REL has just released his instrumental project entitled “Out Of View”.

Dilla says "TURN IT UP" (DET 2 LA) – Mixed by DJ Haylow (2007)

As a follow-up to James Yancey Productions, DJ Haylow gives us more Dilla to enjoy in this 2007 recording.

Proof – Searchin' (Produced by Jay Dee) (Circa 1996)

If we had to pick one Dilla track to post on, this would be the one, for obvious reasons. Vintage Jay Dee while using Roy Ayers as his muse.

Ahmad Jamal / Jay Dee / De La Soul – Swahililand / Stakes is High (1974/1996)

When you examine the combination of Ahmad Jamal, Jay Dee, and De La Soul, the perfect mesh that was created is undeniable.

J Dilla – Vol. 2: Vintage (2003)

A sampling of J Dilla’s work from the mid to late 90s, this compilation features some of the most underrated compositions of an already illustrious songbook.

BrotherSpanky – The James Yancey Sessions

On what has come to be known as Dilla Day, multi-instrumentalist/producer BrotherSpanky has unveiled his tribute to the late genius: a self-released project entitled The James Yancey Sessions….

Nicky Lars – The Jamiroquai Beat Tape (2010)

With a surprising ease, producer/MC Nicky Lars flips the eclectic sounds of Jamiroquai, making for one of his most inventive projects yet.

Sunrise Blend (An Instrumental Compilaton presented by Juicy) (Download) (2011)

An instrumental album presented by a record label based in France called Juicy, this is an excellent compilation showcasing an array of producers demonstrating a soulful throwback sound.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission – Jazzy Gentle

Jazzy Gentle is our first submission from Italy, and you will love how he re-edits this Roy Ayers gem.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: RenRok

The musical talent that comes from Los Angeles is unlimited, and producer RenRok is no different as his Roy Ayers sample is featured for this week’s submission.

Haz Solo – For A Reigny Day (Instrumental) (2011)

Producer Haz Solo is a marvel when it comes to experimentation, and his latest project proves just that.

Phonte – Dillagence (Produced by DJ Spinna) (2007)

An excellent collaboration involving Phonte and DJ Spinna, this is a great tribute to the great J Dilla.

Phonte – Not Here Anymore feat. eLZhi (Audio) (2011)

A brief look at the newest project from rap’s current poet laureate.

Trackademicks – Fresh Coastin' (Album) (2011)

California has a new soundtrack, and it is brought to you by Trackademicks.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: Stanley Bloom

This week we visit Paris, France, as beat maker Stanley Bloom demonstrates how the influence of Roy Ayers is international.