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Erykah Badu feat. Roy Ayers – Cleva (Audio)

Erykah Badu and Roy Ayers collab for this great moment in time.

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Virgo Red (1973) (Audio)

This is one of Roy Ayers’ best album, and this article explains why.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: Ackryte

This week, we have Minneapolis producer Ackryte, creating a different musical genre while transforming a classic Roy Ayers slow jam.

Damu the Fudgemunk – How It Should Sound (Instrumental) (Download)

Damu the Fudgemunk presents us with some classic instrumentals from his archives.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission – F.C. the Truth

This week’s beat submission comes from the musically rich city of Dayton, Ohio, as F.C. the Truth represents well on his interpretation of Roy Ayers’ “Sunshine”.

REL – Out Of View (Instrumental) (Download) (2012)

The crew of the Roy Ayers Project are respectively involved in other ventures, and camera man / editor REL has just released his instrumental project entitled “Out Of View”.

J Dilla – Vol. 2: Vintage (2003)

A sampling of J Dilla’s work from the mid to late 90s, this compilation features some of the most underrated compositions of an already illustrious songbook.

BrotherSpanky – The James Yancey Sessions

On what has come to be known as Dilla Day, multi-instrumentalist/producer BrotherSpanky has unveiled his tribute to the late genius: a self-released project entitled The James Yancey Sessions….

Jneiro Jarel (Dr. Who Dat) – Beat Journey (2006)

“Beat Journey” is an instrumental album by Jneiro Jarel that is over half a decade old, but it still is a bench mark for producers and beat makers today.

Review: L’Orange – Old Soul (A Tribute to Billie Holiday) (Download) (2011)

Beat maker L’ Orange uses the great Billie Holiday as his inspiration for creating this project, which is available for free download.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission – Vapor Maché

As we get back on our routine, we highlight producer Vapor Maché who gives us an excellent interpretation of a classic Roy Ayers funk tune.

Sunrise Blend (An Instrumental Compilaton presented by Juicy) (Download) (2011)

An instrumental album presented by a record label based in France called Juicy, this is an excellent compilation showcasing an array of producers demonstrating a soulful throwback sound.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission – Jazzy Gentle

Jazzy Gentle is our first submission from Italy, and you will love how he re-edits this Roy Ayers gem.

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission – DJ Ronski

Check out this weeks beat submission from the talented DJ Ronski, hailing from Trenton, New Jersey.

Rufio – fifth (Instrumental) (Download) (2011)

Sev, our newest writer for 70/30, spoke with young producer Rufio and they discuss beats, influence, and much more.

Haz Solo – For A Reigny Day (Instrumental) (2011)

Producer Haz Solo is a marvel when it comes to experimentation, and his latest project proves just that.

Dela – The Robert Glasper Beat Tape (Download) (2010)

Producer dela is inspired by the talented Robert Glasper as he creates this instrumental album of extreme quality, available for free download.

The Robert Glasper Trio – Think of One (Audio) (2009)

In a single moment, Robert Glasper explores Thelonious Monk, Ahmad Jamal, and De La Soul. That moment is called “Think of One.”

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble – Untitled/Fantastic (Video) (2009)

The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble provides an orchestral interpretation of one of J Dilla’s timeless records.

Inspired by Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On

We all know and love this legendary album by Marvin Gaye, but here are some specific examples of artists and musicians who were inspired by the late great legend.