Category: Fine Art

Jazz Portrait: "Roy Ayers" by Robert Trujillo

A brilliant work by Bay Area artist Robert “Tres” Trujillo.

The Art of Emory Douglas

Emory Douglas’ art is truly one of a kind. Created in the 60’s, but ever so relevant today, his design is nothing less than revolutionary.

Erykah Badu’s Most Profound Song

Over 10 years later, Bag Lady is still a recording like no other, and here are a few reasons why.

36 Artist Interpretations of John Coltrane

Amazing art inspired by one of Jazz’s greatest artists.

Artist Profile: Cordell Ross (illadelphsouL)

The face behind this particular piece, and the artwork for Georgia Anne Muldrow’s album entitled ‘Early’ is the one and only Cordell Ross, also known as (illadelphsouL).

Artist Portrait: Ken McIntyre & Eric Dolphy – by Ian Johnson

A piece by Ian Johnson
Looking Ahead – Eric Dolphy & Ken McIntre
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 22×10″

30 Artist Interpretations of Nina Simone

Nina Simone music is truly one of a kind, and her aura is an inspiration to artists all over the world.

The Celebration of James Yancey: An Artist's Interpretation

Inspired by the great J Dilla, Sean A. Mack payed homage to the legendary producer in his own unique way.

Happy 71st Birthday to Roy Ayers! (9-10-11)

Today we wish Roy Ayers a prosperous 71st birthday. Here is an original piece by Pascal Bosquet submitted to the Roy Ayers Project using only a marker tip and wash marker.

John Coltrane by Jean-Marie Cousset

A beautiful portrait with acrylic ink.

Lou Donaldson portrait by Warren Akofio Goodson

A beautiful Ink and Water Color portrait by Warren Akofio Goodson

OFWGKTA caricature art by Matt Martians

Art by: Matt Martians Twitter: @TheSuper3

Eric Dolphy (Artwork by Michael Symonds)

A beautiful oil painting of Eric Dolphy.

Eye of the Brainstorm Mural (Timelapse)

Here is a timelapse of a beautiful mural by Joshua Mays at the Pueblo Nuevo Art Gallery in Berkeley, Ca.

J DILLA the SpeciaLIST by Joe Buck

Joe Buck’s incredible submission for the contest, which is a poster acknowledging the tremendous career of J Dilla.

Jacob Lawrence “Migration Series”

Jacob Lawrence’s art personifies the sound of Jazz, and his ‘Migration Series’ is one that tells the African American Experience.