Roy Ayers Project Update #23: Here and Now

During the last calendar year, the Roy Ayers Project team has taken time away from the project to grow as individuals, manage life’s situations, obstacles, and challenges, and really take time to reflect on the past while tooling for the future. During our time away, we have individually and collectively experienced life changing events like physical relocating, gaining and losing family and loved ones, dealing with peaks and valleys, and experiencing the life’s journey.

With that said, the Roy Ayers Project remains important to us, and we would love to proceed with our intended goal of completing the Roy Ayers Documentary, preserving the legacy of one of the greatest jazzmen to ever live. In addition to working on the documentary, we will continue to populate our site as best we can. Individually speaking, working on the Roy Ayers Project site on a regular basis helps me maintain a creative outlet as well as learn and educate through music, while interacting with likeminded individuals all over the world. It is time for me to reconnect with what I love. I feel I owe it to myself, the people who have helped me this far, and Roy Ayers himself.

We appreciate all those who have followed us thus far, and we look forward to gaining more along the way. Any feedback, comments, or suggestions would love to be heard, and we will address them accordingly.

Moving forward,

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