Roy Ayers – Hot (Music Video) (1986)

Anyone who is a collector of Roy Ayers music knows that video footage is rare. When you talk about a Roy Ayers music video, those are pretty much non existent. Lucky for you, we stumbled upon this music video for his 1985 single entitled Hot from is LP You Might Be Surprised. Is this the best work that Roy Ayers released? Maybe not. Is it completely and utterly awesome to see a Roy Ayers video for one of his songs? Absolutely!

In all of its 80’s retro glory, this Rick James-esque track is produced by James Mtume, and was during Roy Ayers’ disco funk/electro period. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the only Roy Ayers video you might ever witness.

Roy Ayers - Hot 12

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Roy Ayers - Hot

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