Roy Ayers – Stranger To Love / Jill Scott – Watching Me (1979/2000)

Songstress Jill Scott's excellent career has spanned over a decade, and along the way she has proven herself as one of the great singers of this generation. Fortunately for us, her lyrics, production, songs, and albums have withstood the tests of time, and can be enjoyed today in the same manner as the day they came out. Throughout her career, Jill Scott has also given props to the artists that came before her, and although she doesn't perform too many covers, her homage is intentionally shown though her sampled instrumentals in which she sings over. In her song entitled Watching Me, she samples none other than Roy Ayers, in his song No Stranger To Love

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Jill Scott – Watching Me

      1. Jill Scott - Watching Me

Roy Ayers – Stranger to Love
      2. Roy Ayers - Stranger to Love

Who Is Jill Scott?

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