Roy Ayers Project Update: 70|30

First and foremost, the Roy Ayers Project wants to thank everyone who has been involved with the idea of preserving Roy Ayers’ musical legacy as well as his contemporaries through our different mediums, and we hope to continue that moving forward. I would like to announce some new changes along with a brief explanation.

This is a formal introduction of our brand, 70|30, which focuses on preserving, presenting, and documenting the music and artistic lifestyles that have been created by persons of color.

Brief Background
In March, 2011, was created to coincide with the Roy Ayers documentary that I was, and currently am directing, with the purpose of presenting people on a consistent basis the impact of Roy Ayers. The initial plan was to highlight content related to Roy Ayers. As the site evolved, and as our readership grew exponentially, I began to frame the site as “6 degrees of separation” from Roy Ayers, which would give myself, as well as our other writers which we had gained along the way, room to discuss other artists that fit our personal interests. We can all agree that our love for Roy Ayers is undeniable, but we can also agree that jazz, funk, and/or soul does not begin and end with Roy Ayers, nor anyone else. As our viewership continued to grow, our team was faced with a slight dilemma. We had some people that understood the 6 degrees of separation aspect of, while others felt that our degrees of separation stretched too far, and while our particular subject matter was noteworthy, it was not as relatable to Roy Ayers.

This is where 70|30 comes in.

The concept of 70|30 is one that you have been seeing on It is the music, art, and lifestyle that deals with the idea of preservation and historical referencing, while relating it to contemporary music and ideals.

70× will be the new home for our articles that relate to jazz, funk, soul, art, culture, and more, all with the ideals that follow our mission statement.

The Meaning
There are many representations to the numbers 70 and 30, and similar to art, many are left up to interpretation. Here is one meaning behind the numbers:

If 100 represents the totality of music, 30% can be a representation of today’s popular musical art forms (Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, House, etc), while the 70% represents the music that preceded contemporary music (Funk, Jazz, Soul, Disco). The disproportion exemplifies the importance of our musical foundation.

You can find more representations on 70× will focus primarily on Roy Ayers. There you will find audio and visual representation, as well as articles and more, that directly reflects Roy Ayers, as initially intended.

Our second dilemma was that as the viewership of began to grow, it was gradually drifting away from the primary focus of the Roy Ayers Project, which was, and still is, the film, which is currently in progress.

This is where we introduce

This is a completely separate site which focuses on the specifics surrounding the film. There is where you can see our trailers, film updates, the history of the film, photos, and more.

Why The Change
One reason behind the change is that we want our followers to have a sense of clarity when following the Roy Ayers Project, and as part of the team, I would like to be able to point someone in a specific direction, and have our message be understood. Although that is one reason, that is not the most important.

We our strengthening a team of extremely talented individuals consisting writers, musicians, videographers, designers, all of whom are devoted to the Roy Ayers Project. Although they are dedicated to the Roy Ayers Project, all of them are involved in other creative endeavors in different capacities. 70|30 is a creative outlet that our team can use to host their own creative passions and projects that coincide with the 70|30 mission. This also applies to persons who are not directly involved with the Roy Ayers Project, but understand the mission of 70|30 and want to use it as a vehicle for their own ideas.

Things to note
All of the previous content that was on will remain on

All three sites will be connected so navigating between sites will be simple.

70× is now populated with our best posts from, and we will proceed to use that as our primary blog featuring content that abides by the 70|30 mission.

To follow updates from all three sites, follow @RoyAyersProject on twitter.

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed what the Roy Ayers Project has done thus far, and we hope that you continue to follow us as we work towards completion of the film, continue to preserve the legacy of one of the greatest jazzmen ever, and plant the seeds for 70|30.

Now it is time for them to grow.


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