Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: Ion the Prize

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Name: Ion the Prize
Location: Berkeley, Ca (via Chicago)

I am originally from Chicago but moved to the west coast for school and (so far) never left to live anywhere else. I’ve been producing music for nearly a decade now in soulful hip-hop/electronic styles and over the past few years, I’ve grown an addiction to jazz-funk records, which is where Roy Ayers comes in…Mr. Ayers is truly one of my favorite artists ever and I owe much of my melodic sound and progression, as a producer and a pianist, to his music.

Here is a beat I forged a couple years ago sampling the songs “Young and Foolish” off the album West Coast Vibes, and “The Third Eye” from Everybody Loves the Sunshine. Layered on some boom-bap drums and a bass on the low-end and voila!

I am continuing to push forward as a young producer with new ambitious projects in 2013, but never leaving behind any of the jazz and soul I’ve come to love.

Ion the Prize – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Roy Ayers – Third Eye

      1. Roy Ayers - The Third Eye

Ion the Prize

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