Erykah Badu feat. Roy Ayers – Cleva (Audio)

Erykah Badu has always been extremely grateful to Roy Ayers and his contributions, and she has sited him for is influence in her own music. She as sampled him, as well as covered him, but on the song Cleva off of Badu's sophomore 2000 release Mama's Gun, Erykah features the great Roy Ayers throughout the song. The vibraphone is a key accompaniment that's intertwined with the melody and the vocals, but the only way to know that it is Roy Ayers is to read the liner notes, for it is not listed in the song title. The most obvious tonal quality to the vibraphone that assures you that is Roy Ayers is at the end of the song, he does his trademark technique of playing and singing the notes simultaneously, which is a clear indication of Roy Ayers.

Listen to the track below, and hear Roy on the track, then enjoy a live version of Erykah Badu performing the song in 2001. Forgive us for taking the song out of context. Mama's Gun is flawless work by Erykah, and this is an inkling of what her work has to offer.

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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Erykah Badu feat. Roy Ayers – Cleva (Vocal)@, Erykah Badu feat. Roy Ayers – Cleva (Instrumental)@″]




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