Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: Whodiniz


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Name: Whodiniz
Twitter: @whodiniz
Location: London, UK

Hip-Hop has always been close to heart but I dabble in different genres like DnB, Dubstep, Funky House, and Electronica.

On 09-13-2012 I released the EP (Escape) featuring L Waxo who I met on Soundcloud, the Project came together quite quickly and worked out well.

The EP is about escaping from the Norm.

I also released a solo project on 09-28-2012 (Beats from Beyond) this is a compilation of Beats and songs I’ve been feeling as of late. Another original mix of tracks which has loads of good elements to keep the listener infused.

Got a few other projects Lined up, so watch this space…

The Third Eye (Whodiniz Re-Edit)

      1. The Third Eye (Whodiniz re-edit)

Roy Ayers – The Third Eye
      2. Roy Ayers - The Third Eye



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