Roy Ayers Project Update #22: San Francisco Screening Recap, Moving Forward

Wednesday, October 24th was a historic day for the Roy Ayers Project.

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At the Jazz Heritage Center in San Francisco, we showed our 10 minute trailer to the world…well, our world consisted of a few dozen people, all of which who came on extremely short notice, sacrificed their viewing of the San Francisco Giants World Series game, and who all wanted to see what we had been working on. It was great to see film enthusiasts, friends, and community personalities weighing in on our project, and it felt nice to know that the music of Roy lives amongst so many people in the room and beyond. We definitely want to give a big thanks to Christine Harris and Peter Fitzsimmons of the Jazz Heritage Center, and hopefully we are well on our way to developing a longstanding relationship.

The plan was to take the momentum from our San Francisco screening and transfer it to New York City, where we would be screening our extended trailer publicly, but unfortunately our trip, as well as many other things that hold much higher importance, were derailed and put in jeopardy. Although our event at The Counting Room was not possible, it is appropriate to thank Ruth Trantor at The Counting Room, as well as Derrick Johnson aka Dee Phunk and Lexx Valdez for being a big part in organizing the event that never was. We were all confident that it was going to be a great time, and all that we can guarantee is that it will be even more special event when we attempt to do it again in the very near future.

As for the blog, the plan was to put the blog on hold while we were working in New York, but now that the New York trip is no more, we will continue the blog like business as usual. We have some new contributors, and some good things to look forward on, including the Beat Submissions Vol. 4, which will be our Christmas present from us to you. Some other things to expect to see from us is more of the same, including a kickstarter campaign, so all of our supporters over the past months, and even years, can help us complete this great assignment.

Thank you all for keeping up with us, and we will continue to do our best at serving you with what we do best, preserving, presenting, and documenting the legacy of Jazz, Funk, Soul, and most specifically, Roy Ayers.




Roy Ayers Project Update #22: San Francisco Screening Recap, Moving Forward |

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