Robert Glasper – Dillatude (Audio)

We have covered Robert Glasper and the Robert Glasper Experiment on the site before, and by now you should be familiar with them and what they bring to the table. They have come to your city, you have seen them on late night talk shows, you have enjoyed their excellent arrangements, mixing a traditional jazz sound with electronic vocals, as well as straight ahead, hip hop style beats. The term one of a kind is thrown around loosely, but Robert Glasper and his group are a sound you have never heard.

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It is also well documented that Robert Glasper Experiment are fans of the late great J Dilla. In this release entitled Dillatude, The Robert Glasper Experiment showcase an all encompassing tribute, swerving from song to song in a harmonious blend that only they can do.

Listen below, as we remember Dilla, and we are reminded of how great he was, and how great it is that Robert Glasper has chosen him as his muse.

Photo by: Mike Schreiber
Written by: @Haylow



Robert Glasper – Dillatude (Audio) -I always love his sound.

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