Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: Biggems

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Name: Biggems
Location: Netherlands

Bio: I’m a beatmaker/engineer from the Netherlands. I started out makin’ beats in the nineties. Mainly hip hop. I’v been a fan of Roy Ayers for years and have made several tracks based on samples from his records. My artist name is Biggems or Biggs for short.
The pic i send was taken in Accra Ghana (DITC). i’m the white dude in the middle 😉

About the beat:

For this beat I sampled Rick Holmes- Remember to Remember. I think it has that typical Roy Ayers chord progression and signature sound goin’ on and in this case i flipped it not too heavily, so the original is still highly recognizable. It was meant as a hip hop instrumental for an emcee.

Side Note: This beat is sampled from vinyl only @ 24 bit/48K resolution and made in Ableton Live on a Macbook Pro. I strictly use wav-files for beatproduction. Other equipment i used is a technics sl 1200, a Ecler Mixer and a Mackie Onyx Blackjack interface. Although mixed in the Box (digital), i’ve tried to keep a raw, warm analog sound to it, cause i feel hip hop shouldn’t sound too clean ;-).

Biggems – Knowledge

      1. Roy Ayers|titles=Biggems - Knowledge

Rick Holmes – Remember to Remember (Produced by Roy Ayers)
      2. Roy Ayers|titles=Rick Holmes - Remember to Remember (Produced by Roy Ayers)


Check out this weeks Beat Submission coming from the Netherlands, where we give producer Biggems his shine.

What a fresh, funky sound!!! Love it! Can’t wait to hear more…

posted by Maggy on 08.28.12 at 10:50 pm

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