Roy Ayers Project Beat Submisson: ömi

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Name: ömi
Location: Davos, Switzerland

Bio: Since I’m listening to hip hop and soul music and try to make beats, from time to time Roy Ayers crossed my way. I started to see the influence that he had and have on music and I realised that I’m also indirectly influenced by him and his work. A few weeks before I found the Roy Ayers Project so I tried to make a beat with Roy Ayers samples by my own, but I lost myself a little bit, I hope you enjoy it anyway.

ömi – Hey Uh What You Send Me

Roy Ayers – You Send Me


This weeks Beat Submission comes from Switzerland! Check out producer ömi and his smooth sound.

posted by @RoyAyersProject on 07.10.12 at 8:13 am

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