Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: magOwl

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Name: magOwl
Twitter: @magowl
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

My name is magOwl, I’m from Stockholm, Sweden and I’ve been making beats since the early/mid 90s (with a couple of breaks). Mr. Ayers albums have always been close to my 1200 and when I spotted this project I thought I’d make a lil something (I might even do a couple more, we’ll see). If you wanna read up on me… check the homepage, or you know, one of the other sites. Peace.

magOwl – Sometime Somewhere

      1. magOwl - Sometime Somewhere|titles:magOwl - Sometime Somewhere

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  1. Excelent work man. It sounds perfect. My ears are grateful . Peace

  2. This week’s Beat Submission comes from a talented producer from Sweden who goes by magOwl. Listen!

  3. I made a lil something for the @RoyAyersProject Check it out!

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