Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission: Alphonse

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Name: Alphonse
Twitter: @RomVian
Location: Boston, Mass.

Bio:Meet, Alphonse. I’m a producer, intern and a student living in Boston.

I have under my belt two seasonal beat tapes, Come Winter, and second Come Spring. On June 20, Come Summer will be dropped as a free download on my bandcamp*, tumblr* and twitter*. This upcoming tape is the exact resemblance of when a producer finds his sound as it is my best work so far. Like the last tapes, there are various samples, however, differently, there was more effort into the post-production plus new drum sounds and manual instrument addition. I highly recommend downloading the tape on June 20.

Alphonse – Find Your Love
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Roy Ayers – Gotta Find Your Love
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[…] the Roy Ayers classic “Gotta Find Your Love” and you can hear Alphonse’s “Find Your Love” here and if you’d like to submit your own Roy Ayers inspired composition, reinterpretation, slap, blap […]

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