Columbia Nights – Make Some Room (Audio)

It’s the winter of 1988 and Stronger Than Pride is still in heavy rotation. What many, if not most, slept on during this period was an esoteric b-side neatly attached to the album’s third single, “Nothing Can Come Between Us.”

      1. Nothing Can Come Between Us - Sade
Now, “Make Some Room” is odd, even by Sade standards. It has this soundscape that matches Acid Jazz with a dash of House, making for something that doesn’t have a proper title. And that’s alright, because labels are for clothes, never art.
      2. Sade - Make Some Room
Fast-forward to 2012.

If you’ve been diligently following the site, you are familiar with the up-and-coming musical outfit, Columbia Nights. Their debut has garnered quite a buzz with its originality in the fields of electronic, soul, and so much more. Today, they give us a cover of that very same b-side presented above.

Here it is:

      3. Columbia Nights - Make Some Room
Now, typically I wouldn’t immediately cosign a Sade cover because, as far as I’m concerned, no one can do it better. But, the great thing about this is that…

1. The original isn’t all that well-known.
2. The cover takes an anomalous take on an already peculiar record.

So what we’re left with is a persuasive argument to reengage the work of Sade, whilst finding further reason to invest in the career of Columbia Nights. The song’s ethereal entrance lulls the listener into a comfort zone before entrancing you with a wholly developed groove. Well-timed guitar licks and minimal, yet compelling vocals, this is today’s cure for the weekend hangover. Enjoy.

Written By: Paul Pennington


Our man @paulpennington of the @RoyAyersProject certainly has a way with words. Thanks for the love, sir.

posted by @Columbia_Nights on 07.17.12 at 4:08 pm

Columbia Nights – Make Some Room | A brilliant cover of a Sade classic, written by @PaulPennington |

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