Stanley Turrentine – Sugar (Live) (1989) (Video)

This is an excellent video of a 1989 performance of Stanley Turrentine performing one of his most popular songs entitled Sugar along with Dave Sanborn, Hiram Bullock, Philippe Saisse, Tom Barney, and J.T. Lewis. Turrentine had an esteem

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ed career as a saxophone, developing a warm, soulful sound that always comes across in his recordings, and this performance is no different.
The song Sugar is the title track on Turrentine’s album which was released in 1971. What is great about this particular video and song is that this performance was almost 20 years after the song was initially recorded, and we are now watching the performance more than almost 25 years after it was performed live, and it sounds wonderful.

This is the true definition of timeless music.

Enjoy this video from one of Jazz’s greatest saxophonist who is no longer with us.


Stanley Turrentine – Sugar (Live) (1989) (Video) This video of a Jazz great bridges a gap of over 40 years.

Stanley Turrentine – Sugar (Live) (1989) (Video)

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