Sam Cooke / Aretha Franklyn / Roy Ayers – You Send Me (Video)

A couple years ago, it was very hard to find vintage footage of live performances of Roy Ayers. So, it was great that I stumbled across this gem. This is a video of Roy Ayers performing, You Send Me, with featured singer, Carla Vaughn.

This song, originally written and recorded by legendary Soul singer, Sam Cooke, is a classic love song of its time. Meaningful lyrics, steady guitar and bassline and Cooke’s voice that sways so effortlessly makes this song classic 50’s material.

You also may have heard the version by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

Roy Ayers’ decided to totally flip the script with his remake in a duet fashion. With a jazzy, yet funky melody that compliments his tenor and Vaughn’s prominent Soprano. Joined by symphonic string chords, this is a unique musical standard on its own and great performance.

This is the title track off Roy Ayers’ 1978 album entitled You Send Me.

Written by: Inna

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