Roy Ayers – He's Coming / Smif n Wesson – Dah Shinin'

Music has a way of impacting audiences for generations. The same goes for album covers, as they have been used as mediums to convey certain feelings and messages that will pull in listeners.

Smif-n-Wessun's legendary album, Dah Shinin', has a very interesting cover, as it is a direct replica of Roy Ayers' 1971 album cover, He's Coming. Both of these albums are classics in their own right. He's Coming, being Roy Ayers first album with Polydor Records and the first from his Ubquity collection, and Dah Shinin' being Smif-n-Wessun's debut album which set the tone for pure, concrete 90's Hip-Hop.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Smif N Wesson – Home Coming@, Roy Ayers – We Live in Brooklyn@

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n-Brooklyn-Baby.mp3 “]

Da Beatminerz, the production team behind Dah Shinin', ultimately payed homage to their borough and to Roy Ayers with the song “Home Sweet Home”, which samples “We Live in Brooklyn, Baby”. Coincidences, maybe? Even if they are not, the music and artistic themes behind both of these albums were genius for their time.

Written by: Inna (@UniquaJones)



Roy Ayers – He’s Coming / Smif n Wesson – Dah Shinin’ (Album Art) (by @UniquaJones)

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