Mary J Blige – My Life (Live) (Circa 2005)

“I'm working on a documentary.”
“Oh yeah? What's it about”
“It's about Roy Ayers and his influence on music”
*blank stare*
“Have you heard the song 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine?”
“ummmm…I think…”
“You know Mary J. Blige, My Life?”
“That's Roy Ayers.”

This has been the beginning of many conversations as the word of Roy Ayers Project is being spread by word of mouth.

Although there are many of musicians that have sampled, remixed, and been influenced by Roy Ayers, sometimes at, we overlook the more “obvious” usages of the sample. With that said, this particular song is arguably the most significant usage of a Roy Ayers sample. It is Mary J. Blige, who was not the first person to sample the song, nor was she the last, but it was her who made the melody of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” into a household tune. Although her usage of the sample is far from subtle, the concept of the song couldn't be more removed from Roy Ayers' initial purpose of the song, which is “Happiness” and “Positive Vibes”. Mary J. Blige's plights and hardships have been well documented, and because of that pe

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ople love her self expression, but it was during the recording of the album entitled My Life that represented the most turmoil during her journey through famed R&B singer. Recorded in 1994, Mary's pain and heartache comes through on this track, and it is agreeable amongst most of her casual and die hard fans that this is her best song.

In this particular video, Mary says a few words about the song My Life as she's about to perform it. During her prelude, she talks briefly about her history with the specific song Everybody Loves the Sunshine by Roy Ayers, as well as a personal message to Roy himself.

Mary J Blige – My Life (Original Version)

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Sing Mary! It’s Live y’all — My Life, M.J. Blige

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Great Comment!

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Listen to @MaryJBlige give a warm, heartfelt shout out to Roy Ayers before performing ‘My Life’

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