José James – Coltrane Unreleased EP (Download) (2012)

Vocalese noun \ˌvōkəˈlēz, -ˈlēs\ A style or genre of jazz singing wherein words are sung to melodies that were originally part of an all-instrumental composition or improvisation.

The aforementioned art is a unique, daunting technique that was pioneered by jazz vocalists such as King Pleasure, Jon Hendricks, and Eddie Jefferson, who took scat a step further by supplanting abstract syllables with actual lyrics.

It can be difficult to sing the head of many jazz standards, let alone the high flying solos associated with many of their original recordings. With intricate runs that often leap across daunting intervals, instrumental solos require a degree of agility most voices lack. At best, these efforts often lead to bizarre or comical results, but every now and then someone just nails it. Jose James’ nimble delivery on a handful of Coltrane classics show he’s up for the job.

Beyond commanding every note of these solos, James uses original lyrics that complement the beauty and depths of the recordings. Avoiding hackneyed couplets just to fit with Trane’s complex phrasing, he projects inspired lyrics with a memorable baritone reminiscent of Kurt Elling or Gil-Scott Heron.

Sadly, the triptych was never officially released due to the wishes of the Coltrane estate. Fortunately James made the tunes available for free download online, and live footage from a performance of the songs and others from the Coltrane catalog remains online. There’s plenty more ink that could be spilled about the masterful technique at work here, but instead of overthinking, sometimes it’s just best to listen.

Download: Coltrane Unreleased EP

José James – Equinox

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You can witness José James' live set in its entirety by clicking here.

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José James – Colrtrane Unreleased EP (Download) (2012) | | The art of Vocalese | Written by @BrotherHayling

Good Feel!RT @RoyAyersProject José James Colrtrane Unreleased EP (DL) 2012 The art of Vocalese Written @BrotherHayling

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José James – Colrtrane Unreleased EP (Download) (2012) | Roy Ayers Project | 70/30

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The @RoyAyersProject looks at @JoseJamesMusic’s Coltrane EP: Check out his @Soundcloud here:

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Magnifica interpretacion Bravo

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[…] possess lyrics. (The Coltrane has been available though substantially will never be released; read more/watchlive/download [legally] here.) Also any solo by his yell player, Takuya Kuroda. From a Garden Stage, we headed to a Night Club […]

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