Radius – Sleeping Wide Awake (2012) (Download)

Chicago artist and homie Radius dropped a free EP titled Sleeping Wide Awake early last week that somehow evaded my radar. I was immediately compelled to write upon hearing it. I’ve been a fan of Radius’ music ever since hearing his release Etc., moving me to backtrack into finding his other releases and projects. His collaboration with Tall Black Guy titled Niagara Falls is currently the 8th most played item in my iTunes player out of nearly 10,000 songs (whatever little that means), and, his uptempo contribution to our Roy Ayers Project Beat Submissions Vol.1 nearly made me rethink and resubmit my own feature contribution to the Roy Ayers beat mix; similar to the stories of when Pete Rock asked to “redo” Petestramentals for Beat Generation after hearing Jay Dee’s Welcome 2 Detroit— as a fellow Chicago artist featured, Radius’ track “Sunshiiiiine” better represented the true essence of Chicago’s contribution to electronic production with its deep house influences.
Sleeping Wide Awake, however, knows no boundaries—in fact I may have heard a shade of every groove possible during my listen. Originally, before I heard Etc., the first beats I heard from Radius were hip hop tracks; later I realized that he is much more diverse as an artist. Sleeping Wide Awake is a mix of the sounds I understood to be classic Radius (if there is such a thing), blended with an eclectic, advanced form of Radius (dat NEW new!). Crazy percussive uptempo melodies, wonky filtering, and hard hitting kicks with slap-your-mother claps and snares really move you to take the music personally. All tracks in the project were recorded in real time.
One aspect o

f Radius’ production that has always fascinated me is his affinity for the “build up”, combined with constant progression down to the last bar. The technique is a no brainer with house producers who are constantly looking to keep dance floors guessing, but Radius takes that technique with many of his tracks, regardless of genre or time signature. It might take a whole minute for a beat to fully express itself, and then the entire last minute has you wondering if you are listening to the same song you started with.
Sleeping Wide Awake is more or less Radius telling the world to “Snap out of it!”, as it was a concept crafted out of concern for an increasingly hypnotized and zombied-out mainstream culture. A free EP this thoroughly layered with detail while so crisply mixed down is an oxymoron; a wonderful, delightful travesty. The only thing missing from this project is giftwrap and a card. It would be foolish to not download Sleeping Wide Awake and give it a solid listen.

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Landing Gear

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The Concept

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Download: Radius – Sleeping Wide Awake (555)

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Dope writeup by @SevSeveer @RoyAyersProject, http://t.co/4z87kcIG

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Thought provoking music by Radius (@Radusgetsitin) – Sleeping Wide Awake (Download) | written by @SevSeveer | http://t.co/g0NqLzRk

Check out the fam Radius Etc’s new project Sleeping Wide Awake (2012) in the Roy Ayers Project blog! http://t.co/RTrz4pbL

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You might want to download this… http://t.co/ebLIEDwy

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make sure to check out my latest review with @RoyAyersProject. @radiusgetsitin blessed us with dope music this week! http://t.co/R5c8Vse5

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