Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t You Know (Produced by Roy Ayers) (1982)

As every artist goes through phases, most of what Roy Ayers released on his own label called Uno Melodic Records was a fusion of uptempo disco funk, which was reflective of the time period. While disco was shunned by many purists, Roy’s unique sound was a funkier version of the traditional disco sound, as his disco was more of a soulful sound, one that reflected black music. Roy Ayers did release a few albums under the Uno Melodic label, but the majority of what was released on the label were songs that he produced, in other words, songs that were performed by others, but still had the Roy Ayers trademark.

There was an array of albums and singles released on the label, and one of the excellent collaboration that the label produced was Roy Ayers producing Bobbi Humphrey‘s single Don’t You Know, which features Bobbi prominently as a vocalist, with a concise flute solo. What makes this song pretty unique is that at the 8:28 mark, you hear Bobbi almost go into a b-girl style ad-lib that really shows the hip hop influence, even in hip hop’s most developmental stages.

Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t You Know

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We all know Roy Ayers as the smooth, serene, soulful king of the vibes, but here is a great example of him as a producer, and it also exemplifies his sound as he began to move away from the Ubiquity years. Roy Ayers’ Uno Melodic era was brief (approximately 1980-1983), but no one can deny its place in the entire body of work when discussing Roy Ayers. It is also worthy to note that many hip hop samples came from this particular era. Though the early 80’s sound may seem dated to some, it’s relevance will always remain true when listening to the songs that sampled from the Uno Melodic catalog.


Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t You Know (Produced by Roy Ayers) (1982)

This is what a Roy Ayers Production sounds like | Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t You Know (Produced by Roy Ayers) (1982) |

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