Roy Ayers Project Update #19: L.A., Press, and more


The Roy Ayers Project is making strides on a daily basis, and we are proud of our rise in awareness and support throughout the world. As the music, spirit, and message of Roy Ayers is always Ubiquitous, and as he himself continues to tour the world, we are working hard in preserving the legacy of Roy Ayers as well as people who are influenced by his legacy.

We have just completed our second trip to Los Angeles, where we met some great people, promoted our project, and filmed footage that will definitely make the final cut. When we plan for travel, we approach each trip with a list of people who we plan to interview, and although things don’t always work out as planned, each day is a new experience. In this particular trip, we knew that Roy Ayers was going to be in Los Angeles for a performance date, and we were blessed to sit down with Roy Ayers and his beloved sister for an interview. Although she is eleven years his elder, she is sharp as ever, and her personality is as bright as the sunshine. It was truly an honor to speak with her, and she no doubtably provided some one of a kind insight to Roy’s life. We also sat down with musician/beat maker Terrace Martin, who gave us an excellent interview, and we also spoke with Detroit native emcee/producer Ta’raach, who welcomed us into his studio where he and Big Tone discussed a song in which they sampled Roy Ayers, along with other insight that turned out to be great footage.

Along with our LA trip, we have been mentioned in some excellent publications. On Thursday, November 16th, were mentioned in an L.A. Times article by Nate Jackson in promotion for his L.A. date, and on Friday, November 17th, there was an interview of Roy Ayers on, and in a question about the Roy Ayers Project, Roy Ayers had some great things to say about the project as a whole as well as us as a crew. We are extremely proud, and it is certainly our pleasure to broadcast the Roy Ayers Project. Thanks to Del F. Cowie, as he conducted the interview.

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As our site inters it’s 10th month, we have been visited in 145 countries, proof that Roy Ayers’ music is enjoyed world wide. We appreciate all of our site visitors, as well as our twitter and facebook followers, as we gain new eyes every day. Our new visitors consist of people who are avid Roy fans, and others who have never heard of him and are eager to learn. Either way, we enjoy presenting this project to you, and we hope that you are as excited about it as we are and that you will spread the word to your friends and family.

Stay Tuned…we have a lot on the horizon, and we will stay true to our vision as we reach our goal.


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