Phonte – Not Here Anymore feat. eLZhi (Audio) (2011)

“They sayin’ Phonte is the incarnation of verbal murder/pin it on me like prom night…”

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Despite a course that is often divergent, I tend to treat hip-hop as I would any other genre of interconnected sound. A mantra I’ve often repeated—for me, it always comes back to the music. The evidence of this is my appreciation for charming melodies and lush instrumentation. But even I, at times, can forget about the artistry of well-constructed lyricism. Thankfully, I was reminded with Charity Starts At Home.

As a purveyor of fine rhymes, rapper Phonte has made a career out of penning deceptively clever quips—both playful and introspectively rich. When his most recent solo effort was first announced, however, I will admit that I had strong reservations. This wasn’t going to be the slick give-and-take of Little Brother and it surely wasn't going to be the smoothed out vocal venturing of the Foreign Exchange. This was an authentically solo endeavor and I just couldn't buy it—figuratively and literally. What I had failed to realize, or perhaps even forgotten, was that this was the same character who once spit,

“Man of all seasons/ used to have a fetish for weed, women and grapes and I like them all seedless.”

Within these lines lies an important reality. To keep it simple, Phonte possesses an instrument far few are playing and even less have heard.

Now this is the point in which I am I supposed to use my own palette of cleverly placed adjectives and analogies to perform the completely necessary song-by-song breakdown for the entirety of the album. But, honestly, such formalities aren’t all that necessary. And even if they were, I’d much rather take the selfish stance of continuing my own personal listening session and avoid any verbosities already delaying your own engagement with the project. Yes, I’m taking the lazy way out, but I do so for good reason. The best sound is heard and hardly ever read. So go ahead and give yourself a taste. Find out why Charity Starts At Home.

But before I go, I do feel the need to drop off at least one of my favorite records from the album. Produced by one of hip-hop’s finest, 9th Wonder, “Not Here Anymore” embarks on the soulful revelries of Phonte’s past. Only enhancing the record’s already masterful display of hip-hop styling is the oft-overlooked rhymesayer eLZhi. But on a track sporting two of the best doing it, Tay steals the show.

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“Yes Phontigga spit/Amazon flame/ watch 9th reKindle it/cuz iPad verses with the wisdom of my innocence lost…”

Clearly, the should have never gave this rapper an English degree.

I can’t speak for everyone’s musical tastes, but for once it doesn’t actually matter. If you’re into melodies, big names, or simply quality prose, it starts right here.

Written by: Paul Pennington

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