Homage: Roy Ayers Tribute Mix by Anthony Valadez

In promotion for the upcoming event in Los Angeles featuring the great Roy Ayers called Homage (click here for more info and ticket purchasing), KCRW's Anthony Valadez put together an excellent mix, paying tribute to King of the Vibes. Most of us know who Roy is and what he means to music, so there is no need to post a write up saying such, but to those who are just being introduced to Roy, listen below, and you will soon understand why he is so revered, and also why the Roy Ayers Project is even in existence. Thank you to Anthony Valadez, ArtDontSleep, and EVFA for making this mix possible…and thank you, Roy Ayers!

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Homage – Roy Ayers mixed by Anthony Valadez by ArtDontSleep

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