The Celebration of James Yancey: An Artist's Interpretation

Created as a tribute to the late great producer J Dilla, artist/cartoonist/designer Sean A. Mack created these excellent interpretations that pay homage to the influential producer. Sean describes this series as four 'spur-of-the-moment” pieces depicting four moments in Dilla's life on this earth, and for those who know J Dilla's work, and can appreciate the many phases of Dilla, from Jay Dee to his more experimental years, from the smoothed out soulful grooves to the rough head nodding anthems, they know that there are multiple “moments” in his career.

Shout out to, the site in which these pieces were spotted, and Thank You to Sean A. Mack for his amazing work. Please visit Sean's site,, where there is some excellent original comic strips and illustrations.

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