DJ Mizzo – After School Breaks (Recorded in 2005) (Download)

After School Breaks a brilliant mix tape mixed by DJ Mizzo that focuses on the primal instrument of funk, the drum. The various snare sounds, the complexity of the rhythms, it all comes through as Mizzo constructs a compilation of drum breaks that the deepest funk head can vibe to. The most important element of music in Black American music is the drum, and After School Breaks is definitely a mix that “Gives the Drummer Some“.

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Mizzo, once an avid DJ and record collector, used all original LP's and 45's to record this mix, which puts an emphasis on the aspects of preservation and tradition. For some, this may give more appreciation of the mix. If you can't appreciate the vinyl aspect, you can definitely feel the funk as you play this mix.

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After School Breaks is the best funk mixtape you've never heard.

Download: DJ Mizzo - After School Breaks (721)



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