Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 1 (Download)

For those of you who are familiar with know about our beat submission posts, which feature producers who use Roy Ayers’ catalog to make original beats. Since our call for beats in the beginning of the year, the response has been staggering. We have received submissions from all parts of the globe, different styles, various skill levels, and multiple genres. We have been showcasing one (and only one) producer every Monday of each week since the first week of April, and we have had a great response from our site visitors, as well as other blogs that support our submissions by reposting (shout out to !). Fast forward four months later, we now present you with the first volume of our Beat Submission Compilation for free download.

Each producer that has sent us a submission understands the greatness of Roy Ayers, and these producers featured on the first volume of the compilation displayed a sound and essence that was superb. This compilation features the one instrumental that was highlighted on the blog, as well as instrumentals that were sent along with their original submissions that weren’t featured.
We would like to take this time to thank each and every producer/musician that as contributed to the Roy Ayers Project, and we encourage you to keep submitting! We will continue to highlight the best of the best, as well as those who exemplify the Roy Ayers Project in the best light.

Without further ado, here is the Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation Vol. 1

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  1. Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 1 (Download)

  2. Download: Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 1

  3. @funkbyfunk @royayersproject it’s already up!

  4. The @RoyAyersProject Beat Submissions Compilation Volume 1

  5. 語弊があるとあれなんで、ネタを使った作品ねw→ロイ・エアーズのネタを本人が無償提供してるなんて知らなかった!Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 1 (Download)

  6. ロイ・エアーズのネタを本人が無償提供してるなんて知らなかった!Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 1 (Download)

  7. Alain Scott

    This is just enooooormous ! Thanks for these sounds. But where can I find the tracklist ?

    • The tracklist is in the download, but there is no actual tracklist that you can find on line. There will be one of the next compilation, though. Thanks for the feedback, and please check out our other compilations as well!

  8. @Octavators is in the Roy Ayers Project beat submission compilation Vol.1 :

  9. ThxRT @RoyAyersProject last but not least, Our Beat Submission Compilations: Volume 1 and Volume 2

  10. Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 1 (Download)

  11. Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 1 (Download) via @RoyAyersProject #GoodEarOut

  12. MUCH respect for Haylow for making this happen and all the other producers contributing to this. It’s truly an honor to be apart of this, no doubt!

  13. dope! bangers all the way through

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