Roy Ayers Project Update #17: Upcoming Plans / Tribe Called Quest Documentary

As we get set to release our third trailer, the documentary is taking shape as we are making great strides. We have received an immense amount of support from our online followers, and we are excited as we plan for our short term and long term future. Over the past few months, we have added team members that can make the project more successful, and we have been working hard on the back end of things to make sure that when we are more visible in the public eye, we are most effective in achieving our mission.

After our upcoming release of our third trailer, we have a very special announcement to make in regards to our future videos, as well as some possible developments with our events portion of the project. We also plan to host more original content on the Roy Ayers Project blog, as well as more of the same informative music and content that reflects the jazz and Hip Hop world. Eventually we would like to see all aspects of the project be flourishing, and we have tremendous plans for each facet, but a lot of what we can do depends on funding and sponsorships, which we are striving to achieve as well. Soon we will have some sort of online fundraising campaign for those who want to help in the process of the documentary.

Recently, the Tribe Called Quest documentary has been touring across the country, and despite controversy by director Michael Rappaport and other members of Tribe, the film has been receiving great accolades by critics and fans alike. We hope that a younger generation may learn about Tribe through the documentary will hopefully learn about Roy Ayers, and other musicians that Tribe most notably sampled. I’ve heard criticism from many true fans, as well as Q-Tip himself (via Twitter) saying the documentary did not focus enough on the music of Tribe, and was more centered around the brotherly animosity between Tribe frontmen Q-Tip and Phife. Regardless, the fact still remains that A Tribe Called Quest was influenced by many forms of music, including Roy Ayers, who was sampled twice on their first album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (if you include the sample of RAMP on Bonita Applebaum, which was produced by Roy Ayers). We sincerely hope that people who wish to expand their knowledge on THEE greatest Hip Hop group will discover the greatness of Roy Ayers, as well as artists of his ilk, and to know that with the Roy Ayers Project, as well as the 70/30 concept, can be summed up in one theme; Preservation.

For all the people who have supported thus far, we greatly thank you. We have come a long way in making this wonderful project a reality, but there is so much more distance to travel. Hopefully you can come with us and enjoy the ride.

Stay Tuned..
– Haylow

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