OFWGKTA caricature art by Matt Martians

Art by: Matt Martians
Twitter: @TheSuper3


who are the members in the second picture from left to right?

posted by jack on 11.12.12 at 4:15 pm

I’m pretty sure it’s Domo Genesis, Jasper Dolphin, Matt Martians, Left Brain, Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Mike G, Taco Bennett and Syd the Kyd.

posted by Charlie M0rgan on 01.25.13 at 5:05 pm

I think you mixed up Domo and Jasper. Jasper is farthest to the left and Domo is just to the right of him

posted by robbie on 03.12.13 at 4:48 am

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