48 of the Best Jazz Photographs You’ll Ever See

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These pictures are worth way more than 1000 words. All of these photographs were taken by Fred Seibert, an astonishing man in his own right. You can almost hear the music and feel the vibe when you see these pictures. I would say that these were taken in the very early 70’s, a time when Fred Seibert worked at Columbia University’s famed College Radio Station, and I would guess that’s where all of these photos were taken.

Tell us which is your favorite, and explain why in the comment section,


These photos changed the way we look at jazz musicians.
They were all made by Francis Wolff, who was one of the founders of Blue Note Records, and were mostly made between 1964 and 1967 as part of the cover art for Blue Note’s incredible mid-60s run of modern jazz. These were nearly all shot at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio in Englewood Cliffs during recording sessions. Mr. Wolff’s style is marked by use of high contrast in low-light situations; his black and white work dating back to the label’s founding in 1939 and through the 1950s is similarly moody and effective.

Fred Siebert, who is an awesome media genius in his own right, would I’m sure be the first to tell you that he just posted these on flickr to give Mr. Wolff’s work a wider audience.

They are indeed powerful images.

posted by John Leverett on 02.12.13 at 8:10 am

Thank you for your insightful comment. After posting the article, realized that these photos are in fact the work of Francis Wolff., and not Fred Seibert.
Thanks for your comment, as well as the added information, and others will surely benefit from your commentary as well.

posted by Haylow on 02.15.13 at 9:13 am

Very Nice photos, but would you have us believe that only black folks perform jazz? Was it the photographer who only covered blacks, or the person selecting the photos who only selected photos of blacks?

If someone were to start, say, the Dave Brubeck Project and publish stories, photos, audio samples, etc., of white people only, would you have a problem with that?

Just curious.

posted by Robert on 09.03.13 at 11:19 am

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