The Roy Ayers Project Art Submission

Attention all Digital Artist & Graphic Designers

The Roy Ayers Project is accepting art submissionsinspired by Roy Ayers or any other Jazz theme.

(link to the flyer for those that want to repost:


Q: Does the art submission HAVE to have Roy Ayers in it?
A: No, it doesn’t. Anything Jazz related, Hip Hop based or related to the Roy Ayers Project is acceptable. If you see what we’re about on our blog, then you would have a good idea about what is acceptable and what the guidelines are. Anything that embodies the 70/30 concept is what we are looking for, which can be read about in our “about” section of the site. If it has Roy Ayers in it, it’s definitely a bonus.

Q: Does it have to include the Roy Ayers Project Logo?
A: No, but it would be nice if it did! There is a link to download the logo at the end of this post.

Q: Will my work be printed?
A: Most likely not. This is just for web. If you would like your work to be eligible for print, read the ‘Minimum Requirements’ question.

Q: What about paintings, drawings, and other fine art? Do you accept those?
A: Yes. If you can scan and email it, we’ll accept it.

Q: How about Motion Graphics?
A: Sure. Please upload it to Vimeo, and send us the link.

Q: Can I mail you a painting or drawing?
A: Sure. We won’t scan it and post it on the blog, but we do plan to have art shows in the future, so it would likely be showcased there. Sorry, we can’t pay or reimburse you for shipping.

Q: What is the accepted format?
A: .jpeg .gif or .png

Q: What’s the minimum requirements?
A: Resolution should be least 72 dpi, and RGB color mode. If you would like your work eligible for print, it should be 300 dpi, and CMYK color mode. In terms of size, there is no real requirement, but please don’t make it a thumbnail size. If you want a suggested size, 1000 px width is fine. PLEASE do NOT send pixelated or fuzzy images! High Quality images ONLY!

Q: How will I get credit for my work?
A: We will note each submission, and link it to ONE site of your choice, and ONE social network site. We will also add it to the ‘Art’ section of the blog.

Q: Is there a Deadline?
A: No. The submissions are open until otherwise notified.

Q: Is photography accepted
A: Sure, but it has to be REALLY good!

Q: Can I watermark my art?
A: Yes, but it’s not encouraged. If you do, please make it small, and please don’t let it obstruct the message you are conveying. In this day and age, anything and everything on the internet is “up for grabs”, so it is understandable to feel you need to protect your work by watermarking it.

Q: Does my submission have to be exclusive to the Roy Ayers Project art submission?
A: No. You can submit work you have already done. Flyers, class projects, freelance work, posters, etc that you have already completed for something else are fine. Please don’t include information that ties the work to an unrelated event or subject. For example, If you submit a flyer, we don’t need the venue and club information.

Q: HEY! Did you get my submission?
A: Yes, we try to respond to everyone, but we may miss a few.

Q: Can I send multiple submissions?
A: Yes.

Q: Why isn’t my submission blogged?
A: It didn’t meet the requirements and/or standards for the blog. Although we would like to post everything, we have to have a filter.

That covers just about everything. If there’s anything we forgot, please leave your questions in the comments.

How to Apply:
Email your submissions to royayersproject(at)gmail(dot)com, along with a short bio (optional), the medium or program used (example: Photoshop, Illustrator, Pencil sketch, etc), your inspiration for your work, contact information (Twitter / Facebook, etc), and any other information you’d like to include. Please include submissions in the body of your email, NOT through an external file hosting service.

Multiple submissions are ok.


The objective of this project is to get creative Roy Ayers fans involved in the Roy Ayers Project. There are any people inspired by Roy Ayers and many other Jazz artists through visual art, and this call for submissions is a great way to promote up and coming, and established artist. We want the blog to thrive on user submissions to exemplify the impact and love for Roy Ayers, Jazz music, and music in general.

Fine Print:
– The art submitted to the Roy Ayers Project can be used in any way (documentary, web, print, etc.) that are in conjunction with the Roy Ayers Project. If we do, you will definitely be notified and credited in some way.
– There will be no monetary compensation for your submission from the Roy Ayers Project. Your submission is strictly for like-minded individuals who love Jazz and Art. Although we hope many avenues open for you as a result of your submission, we are unable to compensate you monetarily.
– By submitting, we assume that your credits are true. Any complaints of plagiarism filed to the Roy Ayers Project of any submissions will be deflected on to you.
– Your entry automatically assumes that you have read these instructions and agree to these terms.

Further questions regarding the Art Submission can be left in the comments, and will be answered.

Other ways to be a part of the Roy Ayers Project:
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You can click+drag the Roy Ayers Project logo to your desktop by clicking Here.

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thanks for the opportunity.

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