Beat Submission: Octavators

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Name: Octavators
Twitter: @Octavators

Producers Beyond Z (Joshua Hurwitz) and Vinnie Treux (Vincent Trudel) have been creating instrumental music for more than 12 years, on solo material and songs with talented artists in their hometown Baltimore, Maryland. Joshua Hurwitz was the producer and MC for the Hip Hop group the Longfellow Project. Vincent Trudel is a graffiti artist and former bass player / vocalist for the DC based blues band Kodiak.

They joined forces and created a musical production company called Octavators and are producing music for tracks to rap on and sing to, stock music for commercials and movies, and royalty free scores for videogames.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Octavators – Everybody Loves Roy” dl=”0″]

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  1. Sweetly done Octavators! I found myself sliding across the floor to this one. A great twist of beat and Roy.

  2. Alan Beck

    Fantastic beat and arrangement of Roy Ayers sampling. Octavators rock!

  3. Kathleen Hurwitz

    Great job…easy to listen to!

  4. Beat Junkie

    Fantastic beat Octavators! Baltimore has some talent!

  5. Music is Life

    Well done Octavators. I really like how you incorporated Roy Ayers into this beat. This beat hits the eardrums just right.

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