Beat Submission Disclaimer

This is a message from the Roy Ayers Project. We want to make sure that everyone has an understanding of the Beat Submission process.

The Purpose:

1. To acquire original material produced by talented producers all over the world for the Roy Ayers Project
2. To highlight the talent of producers and beat makers
3. To exemplify the impact of Roy Ayers and his music on people in multiple cities and countries

Although all submissions that meet our guidelines will be blogged and will be open for criticism, we strongly encourage feedback and comments that are positive and/or constructive. For example, if you are not feeling a particular beat, instead of commenting “This beat sucks”, a constructive criticism would be more appropriate. We all know there are no rules when it comes to the internet, but we want to encourage positivity amongst our site visitors, and contributors.

We will be impartial to every submission. In most cases, we will copy and paste the verbiage that the producer emailed us. The way we will play favorites is by using the submissions that fit what we are looking for in our upcoming trailers and other projects.

Thank you to all of our producers who submitted their work, and thank you to the site visitors and listeners.

-Roy Ayers Project


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