Roy Ayers Project Update #14

Tomorrow we will release the first peek of footage for the Roy Ayers Project.

I would like to take this time to reflect on how far we have come. I recognize the amount of work we have put in and the people who are supporters of the Roy Ayers Project. There are many people who have lent an ear when I needed advise, and have helped when I reached out to them. I would like to thank our kickstarter donators for giving us the opportunity to work in NYC as well. And of course, I would like to thank Roy Ayers himself for his continued support.

As much as I reflect on how far we have come, I also realize that we have so much farther to go! So while we at the Roy Ayers Project take ONE victory lap, we know that as soon as the video is released, we’ll be working on the next, then the next one after that..and the next one…and so on. We will continue to pay homage to Roy Ayers and all the musicians who have influenced the music of today, the ones who have built the foundation of Hip Hop without even knowing it. We use the Roy Ayers Project as a platform to educate through music by sharing our knowledge, while learning from others.

Thank you for being our audience thus far.

Stay tuned…


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