Roy Ayers Project Update #13

Since this is a blog, it would only be right If I gave occasional updates on how the documentary is going, and the Roy Ayers Projects is progressing. Why #13 you ask? We had a blog on our old site, so instead of neglecting our previous posts, we’ll include them.

We have plans to release our first bit of footage within a week’s time. This will be the very first look at the Roy Ayers Documentary. We have about 20 hours of footage, but that is not nearly enough. There are still many artists that we would like to interview, and people that I have personally spoke to that want to be involved in the Documentary. We are planning a trip to LA to interview artists and personalities in Mid-April to get more footage.

What we decided as the most effective way to disseminate the footage is rather than have a big, full length trailer, we will create many small trailers that will lead up to a bigger trailer. As mentioned before, our first mini-trailer will be released within the next week.

We will have members of our crew in Austin, TX for SXSW this year. Although we will not be in any showcases this year, we will definitely make our presence known. We have new flyers and stickers that are in print, and they will be seen in Austin.

What to Look For
Be on the look out for our new flyer, and the release of the first of many trailers.


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